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We are an apostolic movement that helps build up the body of Christ.

Shalom House is an apostolic movement that helps build up the body of Christ. We proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our Savior and strive to release men into purpose, fulfillment, and greatness.

We believe in authentic transformation through relationship with Jesus Christ. We create an atmosphere where participants can experience true spiritual renewal and discover their true identity in Him. It is a place where people can encounter true freedom and experience lasting transformation.

Discover Your Purpose

At Shalom House, we equip individuals with biblical and practical tools and resources to discover their purpose in life. With guidance from our experienced team, you can learn how to cultivate a meaningful relationship with God that will lead you to fulfill your destiny

Grow in Knowledge of God

We provide practical teachings from the Word of God that are designed to help individuals grow in the knowledge of God and build strong foundations for their lives and families. Our teachings are filled with wisdom and insights that will empower you to live a life of victory and faith.

Experience Transformation

We also offer one-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions that will help you gain confidence and become empowered for greatness. With our support, you can take control of the direction of your life and live a life worth living!

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The Vision

Releasing men into purpose, fulfillment and greatness! We offer coaching, workshops, and seminars to help men discover their true purpose, unlock their potential and find lasting fulfillment. Join us today and experience a life filled with purpose.

The Mission

Providing ministry support for the edification of the body of Jesus Christ We offer a wide range of spiritual, educational, and practical services for churches and ministries, tailored specifically to meet their individual needs.

Our Slogan

Nothing broken, nothing missing Jesus is our approach to give inner peace, harmony and completeness. Connecting with Him will create the life you've always dreamed of - without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.




You are welcome to join us and encounter God together as we walk in the Word of God bringing Scriptural Explanations to Biblical Subjects. You can join us Online and Onsite.

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